Finally finding time to get this set up properly.

Not many people noticed, but I recently drug this simple website through the mud. It went through at least 4 different content management systems. I wanted to try out the Jamstack, and I did.

In the end, I kept to my static page generated via Jekyll. I started with Good Ole WordPress. Hell No. That is still a bloated mess. I then tried something I had never tried before TextPattern. I got it up and running pretty quickly, but it was just too much for what I need. That resulted in too slow page loads. Done. I moved on to GhostCMS. So Cool. That was another one that I got up and running very quickly, locally, that is. To push my content to a static site, I had to hook in other services like Netlify. Nope Done. Jekyll remains my go to.

I am pushing this all to github via the repository first... That feeds And my _site folder is hooked in via SFTP headless push that feeds All with one post update.