Well—I WAS going to use Wordpress

In the interest of keeping up to date, I was going to use Wordpress for the vanhoof.us website. Then I installed it. It has been a couple of years since I played around with it. I was surprised at how much has changed. The new page builder is fresh, but not my style. I tend to write things very fast using HTML. I get enough of those click tunnels at work that I don't need them in my personal life too.

That aside, I figured I could just set up the website once, and forget it. It is somewhat of a placeholder anyway, right. Boy, was I wrong.

The upkeep is insane. Each day I got another notice to update a plug-in or theme. I was building the site, and the updates just kept on coming. This was supposed to be an easy thing to maintain, but I guess THAT is what changed to most about Wordpress. It used to be that. Just something you could throw up on a server to keep your content up to date. To play around and learn PHP, to mess around with CSS. Now that it's grown so popular, I feel it has warped away from that. This is now more of a small business tool. This must be maintained for security purposes. Wordpress is now an unwieldy beast! Maybe I'll change it to a Jekyll site like this one. Perhaps I will find another static site generator to play around with. Only time will tell. :-)