Getting Over Those Doldrums

I am an introvert and have found that my current job works well with that. That does not mean that this pandemic and the resultant social distancing that came with it hasn't affected me. I loved going places with my family on the weekend. During the weekdays, we used to go out to dinner at least one night. Now that's gone, and I am starting to feel a weird pressure. That call to create something that each creative starts to feel. Being still and not spawning something form nothing starts to grow this uneasy feeling inside of me. Like I am doing something wrong. Like I am skipping life, or not growing as a person.

The motivation helped bring this blog back like a phoenix from the fire, and will hopefully get me started drawing again. I have been working so much lately. My life has not slowed down at all. If anything, it's gotten faster. More complicated. We are all together in a small space dealing with each other's feelings. It's tough.

I am currently spending my time getting over the technical humps of moving this blog off of Hosting with Github is not a bad experience. It is a layer I do not need. I have had a hosting account for as long as I have been a father. Why do I even need GitHub in the picture? So time to simplify.

I am still using git, just locally on my code. I am also moving everything off of and thinking wider. I purchased, and plan to host as a subdomain. Time to get the graphics moved, and then tweak the codebase, so the fonts don't break anymore.