I Remember...

I remember being a bare foot kid growing up in the wilds of Ormond Beach FL. I would walk right out my front door to bust out for the day walking straight across the gravel driveway—No problem for my young feet at the time—make a left down the hill, walk a block, make a left on McIntosh, one more block then a right on Hernandez, and two blocks down on the left it stood. The Magic Market. In those days before 7-eleven and Slurpees, that kind of slightly run down corner store WAS a magical place for me.

My regular list usually contained a pack of huge, super pink cubes of Bubblicious bubble gum, and a cold bottle of grape Nehi soda. Before walking back, it was mandatory to loiter in the shade to drink the Nehi before turning it in for that sweet nickel deposit. Once paid... time to walk in the heat again...two blocks down North Young back to a right on Kenilworth then up to McIntosh again to swing by and see if my best buddy was home.

Savoring this memory today to savor that feeling of freedom if only for a moment.