Progress on My Journey

Recently, I was lucky enough to come across this nice example of a classic 1971 Nissan Skyline just hanging out in the parking lot. Realize...This is a car I never thought I would see in life. I was super surprised to see it in the wild like this. I would have been a fool not to snap a picture while I had the chance.



Lately I have been trying to find my way along a more artistic path, and even though I am late to the game, I am learning how to draw. As is my tendency, I usually learn by doing. I can sculpt in the 3d world, I can draw using a mouse, I have a seriously steady hand when it comes to creating the perfect Bezier curve, but I have never really honed my hand towards using a pencil on paper. So, I knew as soon as I took this picture that I wanted to draw it.

It's literally the perfect vehicle for me to learn cross hatch shading.