Two Things

Firstly: Typography

I sometimes get excited and just do things. I haven’t been able to use Hoefler & Co. typography for many years. Since I did print. The jobs/projects/shops I worked on always used Adobe, and so did I. Especially when Adobe announced the new changes to Adobe Typekit web fonts.

Much to my surprise—this morning I read about Hoefler & Co. elevating their web font platform. They started by exposing their entire font library to the cloud service. I am SO EXCITED to use “new to me” typefaces on the web. I just had to grab that one year subscription to see how the service stacks up to Adobe’s. We will see.

Secondly: Interesting Challenges Using Git with Dropbox

I have recently been exploring using Dropbox as our main hub for local git repositories instead of a service such as Github or BitBucket. The Dropbox sync service across my teams machines has been an interesting management project. I am taking lots of notes, and will get here with them.