Last night in the mail…I received the ceramic hand crank coffee grinder that I ordered. Why mess with a hand grinder you ask? Well because I am more of an amateur coffee enthusiast rather than a small coffee shop. I just don't need something that big. I chose the Hario brand ceramic burr hand grinder. Mostly because a third party sells an add on part that stabilizes the burr within the grind bowl. This is supposed to give it a more consistent grind, and is supposed to elevate the grinder. All in—it cost me under $50 so I am happy with the purchase.

The jar holds up to 100g of coffee, which is the perfect size for my cold brew need of 110g of course grind.

I chose to use it's maiden voyage to course grind some fresh beans from Sumatra for my cold brew pot. That is brewing as we speak. I told my daughter to pull the cold brew around 1pm today. That would make it a 20 hour brew at a course grind size. If everything goes as planned I should have a nice pot of cold brew waiting for me to taste when I get home from work today.