I have a long history in the academic technology space. Along the way, I've done an insane amount of content generation , and delivered a metric ton of multimedia. I designed & built whole learning systems that married that content to an LMS (like Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard).

That gives me experience, but what I learned a long time ago is you have to stay current.

The following projects are me trying to do just that.

In Education...


When I joined the Center for eLearning team, one of my first duties was the design and production of a web based learning object template used to deliver FSCJ course content in an adaptive, open, and accessible manner. We called it Protozoa. It's an open source, purpose built, single celled organism for educational content that I designed and evolved over time to fit the needs of the content it was built for. It is currently powering over 2000 reusable learning obects shared over hundreds of live courses (and counting). Protozoa allows us to serve our content comfortably from our web server, or embedded in an LMS.

FSCJ Faculty Exchange

Website that provides critical, just in time, information to faculty at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Built on the Perch Runway platform using an existing HTML template.

In the Commercial Space...

3D Digital

Located in Jacksonville—3D digital provides digital marketing, video and web design services. I currently help them with web consulting, full stack web development, and DBA services.

On The Side

A List Apart Technical Editor ( emeritus )

2015 - 2018

Duties included technical vetting and code review of submitted article content.


Email - ian@ianvanhoof.com

GitHub - /ianvanhoof